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‘Are We Policy Analysts?’. Evidence, Policy Analysis and the Knowledge Sector in Indonesia

There are many ways for knowledge and research evidence to reach policy makers and inform policy decisions. One important channel is the analysis by policy analysts in government organizations. In January 2014, the Indonesian Parliament passed a landmark law to modernize the civil service on… Read More

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Higher Education & Doing Development DIfferently in Indonesia

I found  a couple of interesting articles about Indonesia on innovation, higher education and in a sense the future of the use of knowledge and research evidence in policy decision making. Jonathan Pincus, writes about foreign universities establishing branches in Asia. The conditions are favorable: rising incomes, favorable demography, growing college enrollments for years… Read More

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Superforecasters exist: they are people who are ready to challenge their own ideas

The illusion of controlling the future has always been with us designing and implementing development projects and programmes. Tool after tool we have had an uncomfortable relationship with the idea that development is very messy, risky, prone to failure as well as success. Forecast and planning are key activities in our work: theories of change, logframes,… Read More