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Digital futures and the governance systems of tomorrow. In conversation with Shivam Gupta

The economic and social consequences of digital innovation require, and will continue to require, political responses to take advantage of the opportunities that these innovations can bring to society. The challenge for government and regulators is that the speed at which these technologies evolve is… Read More

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The transformation of governance and policy systems in the digital age

I went for a run yesterday evening and listened to one episode of the World Economic Forum Series podcats series on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This episode (abstract and link to ScoundCloud below) focused on changes that may occur in the governance systems and to… Read More

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Can policy makers catch up with the 4IR?

Lately, I have been reading more about the challenges that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is bringing to policy making and governance. The pace of the changes is what is challenging governance institutions. It is like policy makers are catching up with the consequences and impact… Read More