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Policy makers meet policy researchers in Jakarta

The Nulistik Forum has been established about a year ago and is moderated by the Tempo institute in Jakarta. Every two months the members of the Forum (policy researchers, representatives from media, the private sector and government) come together to discuss discussion issues related to journalism, policy research, and policy making. The aim of the Forum if… Read More

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Community knowledge + mobile phones = evidence for policy response

This morning I jumped on the TransJakarta bus N 1 and travelled to Central Jakarta to the modern and cozy office of PulseLab. JonneCatshoek of was presenting about digital citizen engagement strategies for making programmes more effective and accountable. Jonne has been working for the… Read More

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More is emerging about the role of the scientists in the event of the earthquake at L’Aquila

The newspaper La Repubblica is conducting a investigation about the responsibilities within the Department of Civil Protection in the event of the earthquake at l’ Aquila. Here is what is emerging from the  investigation and analysis of the documentation (now public) collected by the judges: ‘It ‘s the end of March 2009, the city of Abruzzo hostage for four months… Read More