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‘Are We Policy Analysts?’. Evidence, Policy Analysis and the Knowledge Sector in Indonesia

There are many ways for knowledge and research evidence to reach policy makers and inform policy decisions. One important channel is the analysis by policy analysts in government organizations. In January 2014, the Indonesian Parliament passed a landmark law to modernize the civil service on… Read More

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It takes only 30 minutes to write a blog. Why am I struggling so much?

3, 2,1, go… Brilliant blog by Duncan Green about the importance of blogging for academics and researchers as well as about how to get into the habit of blogging regularly: An antidote to futility: Why academics (and students) should take blogging / social media seriously It was… Read More

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What are we talking when we talk about the demand and use of research evidence? Some thoughts after a trip to the city of Probolinggo in East Java.

I travelled a couple of weeks ago with colleagues from the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) to the city of Probolinggo, in the eastern part of Java. To get there you have to fly from Jakarta to  Malang (ca. 1 hour and 15 minutes) and then drive for about two hours.… Read More