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Six years of jail to scientists for L’Aquila earthquake. Trial against science?

Six Italian scientists have been found guilty for having given insufficient warning to residents of L’Aquila about the seismic risks they faced ahead of earthquake that hit the city in the night of 6 of April 2009.  The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.3 and… Read More

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Development entrepreneurship and policy entrepreneurship: a discussion with the Asia Foundation in Manila about similarities and differences between the two approaches

I have had a very interesting meeting and discussion this week with about 20 staff of the Asia Foundation in Manila. We talked about policy entrepreneurship and development entrepreneurship and discussed the differences and similarities between the two concepts. Development entrepreneurship has been introduced and… Read More

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New AusAID research strategy 2012016 is now online

The new research strategy of AusAID for the period 2012-16 is now online. AusAID funds research to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. Good research leads to greater development effectiveness and AusAID has been a strong supporter of practical, policy-relevant social science research into development… Read More