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‘Are We Policy Analysts?’. Evidence, Policy Analysis and the Knowledge Sector in Indonesia

There are many ways for knowledge and research evidence to reach policy makers and inform policy decisions. One important channel is the analysis by policy analysts in government organizations. In January 2014, the Indonesian Parliament passed a landmark law to modernize the civil service on… Read More

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Evidence Investment Strategies: one way to make the demand and use evidence in policy making more systematic

Over the past ten years the UK’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has adopted a systematic approach to improving how it sources and uses evidence to inform policymaking. DEFRA has implemented two five-year evidence investment strategy processes that ensured the resources it… Read More

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Australia’s Productivity Commission some interesting insights for Indonesia

The Productivity Commission is one of Australia’s most prolific and influential government advisory bodies, providing evidence-based policy advice on a wide spectrum of social and economic issues aimed at raising living standards across society. The paper aims to show how the Commission has become such… Read More