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The ‘demand’ side of evidence-based policy making: why and how. Two great days of discussion and sharing in London

I posted this blog a week or so ago in which I wanted to summarise my takeaways from a great two days conference I attended recently in London: Evidence Works 2016

Evidence in Action | Results for All

By Arnaldo Pellini
Lead – K2P Learning at the Knowledge Sector Initiative and Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute

This blog originally appeared on the Knowledge Sector Initiative webpage.           Views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of Results for All.


Last week, I attended Evidence Works 2016: A Global Forum For Government. The event was convened by four organisations, all of which, in different ways, work on the demand and use of evidence in policy making: the Alliance 4 Useful Evidence and NESTA in the UK, and two initiatives from the US, Results for America and Results for All.

Interestingly, the conference was held at the Royal Society. This was established by philosophers and physicians in 1663 as ‘The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge’ at a time when kings and queens were thought…

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