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The elusive search for a knowledge to policy framework

Last week I published a blog on Research2Action where I discuss whether a Knowledge-to-Policy framework to better inform  policies actually exists. ‘Knowledge to policy (K2P) is a popular term to describe the way research and other types of knowledge inform policy-making. K2P processes and systems… Read More

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Data innovation as a new source of evidence for policy making: interview with Prof. Miriam Lips

Kenneth Benoit and Kenneth Cukier during a public lecture at the London School of Economics in February 2015 have mentioned that ‘the ubiquity of big data has the potential to transform the way we approach social science.’ In other words, the data revolution is challenging… Read More

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Communicate knowledge and evidence to your audience: a nice ‘how to’ toolkit is now online

Great resource on various aspects of communication for sharing knowledge as well as informing policy making published by the Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN). The toolkit, Global Mental Health Communications Toolkit, starts with a description of the guiding principles of packaging key messages so that they can be tailored to different audiences. Remember: Know your stakeholders and get… Read More

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Policy makers meet policy researchers in Jakarta

The Nulistik Forum has been established about a year ago and is moderated by the Tempo institute in Jakarta. Every two months the members of the Forum (policy researchers, representatives from media, the private sector and government) come together to discuss discussion issues related to journalism, policy research, and policy making. The aim of the Forum if… Read More

Books. Photo: Arnaldo Pellini
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Policy researchers have to be out there

The Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia we have started a Knowledge Sector Interview series. Through this series the Knowledge Sector Initiative is meeting policy makers, policy researchers, intellectuals, and development practitioners to ask them about their perspectives and personal experiences with knowledge-to-policy processes and evidence-informed policy-making in… Read More