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Superforecasters exist: they are people who are ready to challenge their own ideas

The illusion of controlling the future has always been with us designing and implementing development projects and programmes. Tool after tool we have had an uncomfortable relationship with the idea that development is very messy, risky, prone to failure as well as success. Forecast and planning are key activities in our work: theories of change, logframes,… Read More

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Doing Development Differently in practice from the Philippines

Jaime Faustino of The Asia Foundation in the Philippines features with two policy local activists in a 10 minutes video documentary produced by ODI’s Politics and Governance programme. This very well made video documentary describes their development entrepreneurship approach and how they decided to do something about the fact that 12ml Filipino do not have… Read More

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Doing Development Differently, 30 years ago

I was sixteen when the excerpts I post below were published. For thirty-two years (and probably longer than that)  development practitioners, researchers, academics, experts, technocrats, civil servants, elected officials have tackled the uncertainty of development processes. The answer thirty-two years ago as well as today seems to be… Read More