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The right amount of chaos

  I read and interesting interview in the International herald Tribune during dinner. An American executive working in the TV sector was asked about the balance between management and creativity. ‘Creativity is scary and messy’, she argues in the interview, but you cannot do without… Read More

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Successful policymaking

While entering the Cathay Pacific flight from Manila to Hong Kong, as usual I picked up the Herald Tribune. It is one of those action that have turned into habits and make travelling nice. One sentence by star economist Dambisa Moyo in her article How… Read More

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Interesting article on political and policy change in the Philippines

Business World Online 1/3/2011 Opinion Posted on February 28, 2011 09:00:30 PM Fence Sitter — By A. R. Samson Expatriate guide to Philippine politics Part of the frustration of businessmen, especially expatriates, with politicians stems from a preconceived idea of what politics should be.… Read More